# 19 - 05/07/04

Dear Travellers,
Welcome to Issue 18!
This time I thought to tell you about my next journey. Discover whereabouts reading the last Issue before the summer break! We hope to be with you again in September with new sparkling ideas. In the meanwhile, the mailing list will continue to be open for all the holiday reports you would like to send us.

Here is the Travelling contents where you can check if you received all the 18 Issues, if not send us an e-mail and we will be pleased to send you the one you missed:

Issue 1 – English Gardens
Issue 2 - Roddy Doyle on James Joyce
Issue 3 – Bomb attack in Madrid
Issue 4 – Alain de Botton
Issue 5 – Netspeak
Issue 6 – Easter
Issue 7 – Punctuation
Issue 8 – Pronunciation
Issue 9 – School Trip to Nizza
Issue 10 – British Pubs
Issue 11 – The World Most Important Libraries
Issue 12 – Survival Language
Issue 13 – Madrid: Royal Wedding
Issue 14 – Celtic Music
Issue 15 – Edinburgh Festivals
Issue 16 – Barcelona Forum
Issue 17 - Gibraltar
Issue 18 – Pippi Longstocking and Stockholm

To start your journey remember to go to the attached travelling map and simply click on the hot words to enter each section. Don't forget to check in first!
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Have a nice journey and enjoy your holidays!
Your moderator,
Noemi Ciceroni